We come to you! We have everything we need to create studio quality portraiture PLUS all the outdoor environmental shots that seniors want. This is your private session. No waiting in line at the school. No sitting in a waiting room at a "big box" studio. 

High School Senior Pictures! I have photographed 1000's of high school seniors and I love every second of it! We have a blast. The high school seniors are excited to have their pictures created. They have tons of ideas of how they want to remember this moment in their lives. Oh, and we also cover the poses that Mom wants. If you're looking for Fun, Funky and Fashionable Senior Pictures, you need to call NOW!


Your Senior Pictures are kind of a BIG Deal!


Allow me to climb on my soapbox for just a moment...


In recent years there has been an influx of “faux-tographers”. These are folks that for one reason or the other have determined they are indeed a “Professional Photographer”. They have headed down to Best Buy and have purchased their first digital camera. Coupled with the trial version of Photoshop that came with their PC, they have now proclaimed themselves as a professional photographer. Really??


Folks if you gave me a piano I wouldn’t call myself a pianist. I’d just be a guy with a piano.  Don’t use just a guy/girl with a camera. Use a Certified Professional Photographer. Less than 3% of photographers have EARNED this credential. These are your Senior Portraits. Don’t settle for a Faux-tographer.


Climbing off soapbox now....