Looking for your Graduation Money?!?

In the excitement of having your senior pictures made at Irving Harris Photography, you may have forgotten your chance to earn some CA$H.

Here's how it works. Invite your Class of 2015 friends to have their pictures made at my studio. For those high school seniors who purchase any portfolio package, you will get $20 and they get 8 FREE die cut wallets (a $40 value). Easy enough?

5 friends $100

10 friends $200

…you graduated high school, so I assume you can do math. :)

Call 301-392-3900 and I'll send you some cards to hand out.



Did I photograph your 2013 High School Senior?

Graduation sure got here fast! And before you know it your graduate will be heading to college. NOW is the time to have that family portrait photographed. And, we have incentives to make that happen. For 2013 high school seniors who were photographed by Irving Harris Photography, we offer FREE sessions for family portraits. Plus 10% of your previous Senior Portrait session is deducted from your Family Portrait package. 

Offer expires August 31, 2013. Why wait? Call today! 301-392-3900